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"Improve our life means, sow well now for cropping well tomorrow because the new generation deserve it"  


The importance of uncompromising standards of food safety is obvious. In order to preserve and protect public health. P​ ackaging is central to the economic and cultural organization of food. This mundane material has become fundamental to extending shelf life, brand strategies, the qualities of food and more. From the early twentieth century, packaging has

unarguably functioned as a market device, helping to assemble and extend food markets and transforming consumer practices. Over that century, packaging also became a major source of solid waste: filling up landfills, littering streets and clogging waterways around the world. The rise of the waste crisis in urban governance from the mid-1960s has been directly connected to the proliferation of food packaging.

Masa2021 packaging systems will help meet the evolving needs of the market, such as consumer preference for “healthy” and high-quality food products and reduction of the negative environmental impacts of food packaging. Emerging concepts of active and intelligent packaging technologies provides numerous innovative solutions for prolonging shelf-life and improving the quality and safety of food products. AYUDAMO seeks to improve the passive characteristics of food packaging, such as mechanical strength, barrier performance, and thermal stability. The development of sustainable or green packaging has the potential to reduce the environmental impacts of food packaging through the use of edible or biodegradable materials, plant extracts, and nanomaterials. Active, intelligent-smart, and green packaging technologies can work synergistically to yield a multipurpose food-packaging system with no negative interactions between components, this aim can be seen as the ultimate future goal for food packaging technology.

When a food product is thrown away, the packaging is also discarded leading to an additional environmental burden. In our plastic based economy that's why

Masa2021 is looking to change the concept of how the people see the food packaging. How do we change this concept?
Changes in consumer demand, industrial production trends (such as mildly preserved, fresh, tasty, and convenient food products with enhanced shelf-life and controlled quality), retailing practices (such as transregional and transnational long-distance sales of food), and customer lifestyles (such as a fast-paced lifestyle resulting in less time spent shopping for fresh food at the market and cooking) are the main forces driving an evolution,novel and innovative packaging techniques that maintain and monitor food safety and quality, extend shelf-life, and reduce the environmental burden

Changing the consumer point of view from a simple material food packaging, to a smart packaging guarded System to better reduce waste

Our idea was to design and create a smart and pantry container to pack any item that we can use in our home pantry.

From this idea was born PAKYS and Masa2021.
Masa2021 is the web server application, it includes the e-commerce and data server to receive all updates to come from Pakys containers.

PAKYS is the Smart container to pack any item for pantry and update automatically on the web server the data about the item status inside packed

Result: Reducing Tons of waste, reducing Tons of CO2, thanks to the smart shop function

Washing step

Washing and checking every container PAKY 

Shop ste(E-commerce)

Shop the items for your pantry

Shipping back step

Shipping back to the factory the empty PAKYS 

Filling step

Filling the items inside the Pakys

Delivery step

Premium & Fast

Home step

Receive your PAKYS and consume your products


Giving back step
Giving back the empty containers PAKYS


Containers connected always

on server

Containers always connected 
on server

Server control

Change your pantry concept.

Change the way to live your kitchen

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